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ManyVal '08

Applications of Topological Dualities to Measure Theory in Algebraic Many-Valued Logic

ManyVal is a prospective series of international workshops on the logical and algebraic aspects of many-valued reasoning. The aim of the workshops is to gather both established and young researchers sharing an interest for a specific topic. Accordingly, each edition has a sharp focus. The attendance is limited to approximately thirty participants in order to facilitate close and informal interaction. There are no parallel sessions. Contributed talks are allocated ample time.

ManyVal'08 will focus on

  • States of MV-algebras and generalizations
  • Topological dualities in algebraic logic
  • Measure theory on dual spaces of algebras of logics
  • Subjective probability and many-valued reasoning

Selected papers from the conference will be published in a special issue of the Journal of Logic and Computation.

  • Dates: May 19-21, 2008.     (Arrival date: May 18; Departure date: May 22)
  • Venue: Sala Napoleonica, Palazzo Greppi Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy
  • Programme Committee: Stefano Aguzzoli (Milan), Brunella Gerla (Varese), Vincenzo Marra (Milan)
  • Organising Committee: Stefano Aguzzoli (Milan), Matteo Bianchi (Milan), Simone Bova (Siena), Pietro Codara (Milan), Brunella Gerla (Varese), Vincenzo Marra (Milan)
  • Contact & Info Address: manyval08 at